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Our Garden Toolkit

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Our Garden Toolkit

This toolkit includes the different learning modules we developed with our partners and volunteers to help facilitate the collective learning needed to create the micro food gardens in our pilot site, Golden Shower, Payatas, Quezon City. Written and conducted in Filipino, these are:

These modules included handouts, supplemented with video tutorials, given mobility restrictions and social distancing requirements. However, we learned over the course of the project that the materials were more effective when shared and explained during actual visits by the trainers, which we quickly adopted.  

A fifth module, on community leadership and organizational development, has been included upon the request of PLM before the pilot ended. We will share this module and another module on Vitamin A rich foods, given Vitamin A deficiency in prevalent in poor communities, once available.   

(This publication is designed to share the Food Today Food Tomorrow community of practice with others. Humble and imperfect as it is, we hope it will help guide individuals and organizations who wish to mount similar community-based micro food garden projects in low-income communities in their areas. As a living document we hope people will build on this toolkit, evolve it according to their needs, and eventually document and share their own experience so that we can scale out and make food gardens in poor communities as common as sari-sari stores. Please see this page for the terms of use.)

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